Article 45 - EVIDENCE

4501 - Self-incrimination.

4502 - Spouse.

4503 - Attorney.

4504 - Physician, dentist, podiatrist, chiropractor and nurse.

4505 - Confidential communication to clergy privileged.

4506 - Eavesdropping evidence; admissibility; motion to suppress in certain cases.

4507 - Psychologist.

4508 - Social worker.

4509 - Library records.

4510 - Rape crisis counselor.

R4511 - Judicial notice of law.

4512 - Competency of interested witness or spouse.

4513 - Competency of person convicted of crime.

R4514 - Impeachment of witness by prior inconsistent statement.

R4515 - Form of expert opinion.

R4516 - Proof of age of child.

R4517 - Prior testimony in a civil action.

R4518 - Business records.

4519 - Personal transaction or communication between witness and decedent or mentally ill person.

R4520 - Certificate or affidavit of public officer.

R4521 - Lack of record.

R4522 - Ancient filed maps, surveys and records affecting real property.

R4523 - Search by title insurance or abstract company.

R4524 - Conveyance of real property without the state.

R4525 - Copies of statements under article nine of the uniform commercial code.

R4526 - Marriage certificate.

4527 - Death or other status of missing person.

R4528 - Weather conditions.

R4529 - Inspection certificate issued by United States department of agriculture.

4530 - Certificate of population.

R4531 - Affidavit of service or posting notice by person unavailable at trial.

R4532 - Self-authentication of newspapers and periodicals of general circulation.

R4532-A - Admissibility of graphic, numerical, symbolic or pictorial representations of medical or diagnostic tests.

R4533 - Market reports.

R4533-A - Prima facie proof of damages.

R4533-B - Proof of payment by joint tort-feasor.

R4534 - Standard of measurement used by surveyor.

R4536 - Proof of writing by comparison of handwriting.

R4537 - Proof of writing subscribed by witness.

R4538 - Acknowledged, proved or certified writing; conveyance of real property without the state.

R4539 - Reproductions of original.

R4540 - Authentication of official record of court or government office in the United States.

R4541 - Proof of proceedings before justice of the peace.

R4542 - Proof of foreign records and documents.

4543 - Proof of facts or writing by methods other than those authorized in this article.

4544 - Contracts in small print.

4545 - Admissibility of collateral source of payment.

4546 - Loss of earnings and impairment of earning ability in actions for medical, dental or podiatric malpractice.

4547 - Compromise and offers to compromise.

4548 - Privileged communications; electronic communication thereof.