Article 31 - DISCLOSURE

3101 - Scope of disclosure.

3102 - Method of obtaining disclosure.

3103 - Protective orders.

3104 - Supervision of disclosure.

R3105 - Notice to party in default.

R3106 - Priority of depositions; witnesses; prisoners; designation of deponent.

R3107 - Notice of taking oral questions.

R3108 - Written questions; when permitted.

R3109 - Notice of taking deposition on written questions.

R3110 - Where the deposition is to be taken within the state.

R3111 - Production of things at the examination.

R3112 - Errors in notice for taking depositions.

R3113 - Conduct of the examination.

R3114 - Examination of witness who does not understand the English language.

R3115 - Objections to qualification of person taking deposition; competency; questions and answers.

R3116 - Signing deposition; physical preparation; copies.

R3117 - Use of depositions.

R3118 - Demand for address of party or of person who possessed an assigned cause of action or defense.

3119 - Uniform interstate depositions and discovery.

R3120 - Discovery and production of documents and things for inspection, testing, copying or photographing.

3121 - Physical or mental examination.

R3122 - Objection to disclosure, inspection or examination; compliance.

R3122-A - Certification of business records.

3123 - Admissions as to matters of fact, papers, documents and photographs.

R3124 - Failure to disclose; motion to compel disclosure.

R3125 - Place where motion to compel disclosure made.

3126 - Penalties for refusal to comply with order or to disclose.

3130 - Use of interrogatories.

3131 - Scope of interrogatories.

R3132 - Service of interrogatories.

R3133 - Service of answers or objections to interrogatories.

3140 - Disclosure of appraisals in proceedings for condemnation, appropriation or review of tax assessments.