301 - Jurisdiction over persons, property or status.

302 - Personal jurisdiction by acts of non-domiciliaries.

303 - Designation of attorney as agent for service.

304 - Method of commencing action or special proceeding.

R305 - Summons; supplemental summons, amendment.

R306 - Proof of service.

306-A - Index number in an action or proceeding commenced in supreme or county court.

306-B - Service of the summons and complaint, summons with notice, third-party summons and complaint, or petition with a notice of petition or order to show cause.

306-C - Notice of commencement of action for personal injuries by recipient of medical assistance.

307 - Personal service upon the state.

308 - Personal service upon a natural person.

309 - Personal service upon an infant, incompetent or conservatee.

310 - Personal service upon a partnership.

310-A - Personal service upon a limited partnership.

311 - Personal service upon a corporation or governmental subdivision.

311-A - Personal service on limited liability companies.

312 - Personal service upon a court, board or commission.

312-A - Personal service by mail.

313 - Service without the state giving personal jurisdiction.

314 - Service without the state not giving personal jurisdiction in certain actions.

315 - Service by publication authorized.

R316 - Service by publication.

317 - Defense by person to whom summons not personally delivered.

R318 - Designation of agent for service.

R320 - Defendant's appearance.

321 - Attorneys.

R322 - Authority for appearance of attorney in real property action.

325 - Grounds for removal.

R326 - Procedure on removal.

R327 - Inconvenient forum.

R328 - Assistance to tribunals and litigants outside the state.