Rule 9702. Books to be kept by the clerks of other courts. The clerks of the other courts shall keep: 1. a "judgment-book," in which shall be recorded all judgments entered in their offices; 2. a book, properly indexed, in which shall be entered the title of all civil judicial proceedings, with proper entries under each denoting the papers filed and the orders made and the steps taken therein, with the dates of the filing of the several papers in the proceeding; 3. a book, properly indexed, in which shall be entered the name and address of each conservator, committee or guardian who is appointed pursuant to the provisions of the mental hygiene law, the title of the proceeding, the name and address of any surety, the papers filed, and any orders made or steps taken therein; 4. a book in which shall be recorded at length each undertaking of a public officer or any officer appointed by the court, filed in their offices, except the undertakings of receivers appointed under section 5228, with a statement showing when the undertaking was filed and a notation on the margin of the record showing any disposition, or order, made of or concerning it; 5. such other books, properly indexed, as may be necessary, or convenient, to contain the docket of judgments, the entry of orders, and all other necessary matters and proceedings; and 6. such other books as the chief administrator of the courts may direct to be kept.